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Experienced Technicians


Tower-22 understands the importance of having experienced technicians who can solve any issue if one occurs. Regardless the size of the show, we only place professional technicians on every event. Our technicians are the backbone of our success.

Planning ahead


Tower-22 is an audio-visual production company that plans ahead to save you time and money on show sites. Our audio visual team has the experience to achieve the success that you expect.


Scott Frankel - Animatic Media

"First of all, THANK YOU for outdoing even yourself with your attention to detail. As we all knew going into it, this venue was particularly difficult to navigate for audiovisual. Your usual pre-event preparation put us in the best position possible but your resourcefulness and quick thinking made all the difference when the curveballs started flying. 

I have counted on you for over 15 years to coordinate and lead the AV on the vast majority of my events and you never let me down. From smaller events to the big ones you always see things in the agenda and logistics that both I and the meeting planners miss.

Finally, you always seem to work within our budgets and never seem to go over unless we change something about the event and even then you are quick to let me know the ramifications of these changes."

Josie Hinnegan - Group Inc

"I have worked with Anthony Welsh on dozens of events over the last 10+ years and he is consistently organized and on top of every detail. He thinks through every project in a systematic way to ensure the best outcome, while also looking out for the budget. I can relax when Anthony is managing the production elements as I know he will deliver as promised. He is a pleasure to work with, I give him my highest recommendation!"

Leslie Wilson - Spiderhouse Productions

" To say the least, you are a pleasure to work with. Time is valuable, so thank you for getting quotes back to me so quickly and not missing any of my deadlines. 

Thank you for your attention to detail and making the impossible, possible. I know that it’s not always possible to have you on everyone of my events, however when you are, I am thrilled knowing that you and your team are on top of things making sure that things get done the right way. I look forward to working with you soon."

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7354 Escallonia Court, Carlsbad, CA 92011, US

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